Our graduates have been accepted into the following programs: 

Data-driven, mobile app that helps people suffering from digestive issues choose healthy food

Intelligent companion platform for dialysis patients’ engagement and adherence to care plan 

Tool to speed insurance authorizations & reduce denials

Patient engagement to improve clinical outcomes, reduce costs, and increase market share

AI thought & mood tracker that builds community mental-health support

Preventative interventions for children's mental health

Share medical records from any EMR system

Ultrasound in Oncology

Digital Coaching to develop healthy habits

Medication management system

Enhanced mental health screening and treatment for primary care and medical specialty practices

Multimedia storytelling platform extending medical education. Stories of real people remind providers a person is behind the condition

Secure, cloud-native data repository, integration and analysis platform for healthcare

Mace Meds

Digital health company focused on medication adherence in clinical trials

24/7 on-demand telemedicine advise for new moms (maternal health)

Medication management for pediatrics, as an educational & social experience



Kristin McCullough

About PillButler:


PillButler is the first medicine management system that reduces rates of readmission by increasing compliance for elderly people on multiple medications. Unlike the consumer and pharmacy solutions available today, PillButler reduces the labor intensive cost of current medication adherence programs by providing 24/7 monitoring and notifications to the patient’s care team via onsite, ease of use and direct communication with health care staff.

How did you find out about Project Zygote?

I heard about Project Zygote from getting involved in Health 2.0.  The program was described in such a way that made it sound like it was more about mapping people that just had an idea. I called up the Project Zygote organizers and said “I’m much further along than just an idea, and I’d really like to partake. Would this be redundant for me?” I applied, got in and now I’m jumping up and down because the program has been amazing and the farthest thing from redundant.

What has your experience been like so far?


It’s been amazing. Zygote created teams for us with people in the industry that you would never be able to contact normally. Connecting with people knowledgeable in the industry is almost impossible – if you call a company or go through LinkedIn, people don’t respond. It’s so hard to get through that process. Now, I have people on my Project Zygote team who can 1. Tell me what’s real and what’s not and 2. Connect me to contacts in their network.

I had another really cool experience with Project Zygote. We had a speaker in our first session who, after his presentation, met with us offline to discuss his business model and offered to help me put together a bill of materials for free. I wasn’t just jumping up and down – I had reached the moon.

And, after Project Zygote, I was just accepted into the Founder Institute Accelerator Program – all very exciting!

What is your big vision for the future of healthcare?


The idea of putting the patient first and giving them full care. Ensuring that patients can leave a care facility and not have to go back would be incredible. I’m so excited to be part of this movement to solve one of healthcare’s biggest problems.

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