Show me the Problem. Show me the Evidence. Show me the Money. 

Many early stage founders and technologists with healthcare ideas want to contribute to the field’s innovation but may lack the healthcare-domain expertise. Likewise, many healthcare providers may wish to enter into the digital health field but lack the technology know-how to turn their ideas into a new health innovation.

Project Zygote brings these two groups together, plus go-to-market professionals, to form teams that develop, vet, and validate new digital health solutions.


The program brokers relationships among various healthcare and tech entrepreneurs and then takes them through a structured curriculum to develop new digital health solutions from the earliest stages. The program’s purpose is (1) to provide a framework to ensure solving a real healthcare problem (2) to connect entrepreneurs with the hard-to-access healthcare network to vet, research and plan the solution and (3) to help gain placement in a full-fledged accelerator or formal incubator program.

We nurture teams to the point where they are ready to credibly approach healthcare accelerators and investors to take flight. For those digital health entrepreneurs who have formed a team, business plan, and oftentimes a prototype, exposure to established accelerator programs can be helpful to advance new product ideas.


Ultimately, Project Zygote is a resource for the earliest researching and planning stages -- before the building stage -- to ensure the next wave of digital health products holistically solve meaningful healthcare problems.


Andy Strunk

Executive Director

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Elizabeth Conrady

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

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Eric Wells

Vice President, Product & Curriculum

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Sue Shiao

Chief of Staff

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Eric Birkeneder

Outside General Counsel

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Swati Reichmuth

VP Business Operations & Admissions

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Milton Li

Website Designer & Developer

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Stephanie Miceli

Social Media Manager

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Rosa Ma

Event Manager

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