Project Zygote

The Digital Health Pre-Accelerator


Project Zygote brokers relationships among various healthcare and tech entrepreneurs and takes them through a structured curriculum to vet and develop new health-tech innovations in the earliest stages to unbreak healthcare.


The goal is to prepare digital-health startups to gain acceptance into full-fledged accelerator or incubator programs and increase the likelihood of truly improving healthcare for everyone.

“Project Zygote has really helped by introducing me to some of the most world-class people in San Francisco and the world. I’ve been introduced to Stanford doctors, Harvard doctors and Stanford designers, all of whom I never would have met in my wildest dreams."

—  Dave, Entrepreneur



The Digital Health Pre-Accelerator


350 Townsend Street, #403

San Francisco, CA 94107

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Member of Health 2.0 Advocates Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

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